Data Security

  • Secured 256-bit SSL encryption for all data access and transfers
  • Firewalls

  • A unique login ID with user defined access parameters to each employee
  • All areas are monitored by closed-circuit television cameras
  • ISP provided by three different providers for redundancy
  • Back-up policies are defined as per process requirement
  • Regular Anti-virus updates are run on all systems
  • 24/7 IT support provided by a certified IT team
  • A NDA (confidentiality agreement) is signed by all the employees.
  • Bio-metric access controller to enter into the office premises
  • All employees must carry a designed photo ID inside the premises
  • Access to data/PHI is given only to individuals who are authorized to use
  • Floppy drives, CD drives & USB ports are disabled all the systems on the floor
  • Restricted access to internet, e-mails and printers
  • Dedicated and secured FTP site for files transfer
  • Regular HIPAA training is provided to all employees
  • Data storage devices are not authorized on the floor
  • All visitors are registered at the reception then escorted to the floor
  • 24/7 on-campus security staff